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The World of Valenn's Journal

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Monday, April 14th, 2003
2:15 pm - Character Survey

This is sort of random, and sort of not. To help me understand each of the characters, and maybe even the characters understand themselves, I'd like each player to take this poll as their character. Don't worry, its only one question.

Poll #124115 Character Survey

Choose the one quality that your character most likely use to describe as his or her driving virtue.


If none of the above, please enter a single word that your character would use to describe his single defining virtue.

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Wednesday, April 2nd, 2003
11:53 am - Valenn Journal Update - Journey to Al'Angoro

When last we left, our heroes had sailed out of Barradesh en route to the Elven home Island of Al'Angoro...

A Long Journey and a cold welcomeCollapse )

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Thursday, February 27th, 2003
4:19 pm - The Bards' Song

Now You all know
The bards and their songs
When hours have gone by
I'll close my eyes
In a world far away
We may meet again
But now hear my song
About the dawn of the night
Let's sing the bards' song

Tomorrow will take us away
Far from home
Noone will ever know our names
But the bards' songs will remain
Tomorrow will take it away
The fear of today
It will be gone
Due to our magic songs

There's only one song
Left in my mind
Tales of a brave man
Who lived far from here
Now the bard songs are over
And it's time to leave
Noone should ask You for the name
Of the one
Who tells the story

Tomorrow will take us away
Far from home
Noone will ever know our names
But the bards' songs will remain
Tomorrow all will be known
And You're not alone
So don't be afraid
In the dark and cold
'Cause the bards' songs will remain
They all will remain

In my thoughts and in my dreams
They're always in my mind
These songs of hobbits, dwarves and men
And elves
Come close Your eyes
You can see them, too

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Tuesday, February 18th, 2003
10:03 am - The Death of Timmon the Wise

The betrayal of Luther DunnCollapse )

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Thursday, February 6th, 2003
9:50 am - Valenn Journal Update - More Trouble in Barradesh

Its been a while since I updated, and for that I apologize. The heroes have moved on and time moves forward. Let's catch up...

When last we left, Morgan and Tha'Veltha had been taken into custody and jailed for the apparent murder of some of Barradesh's city guard, and for aiding orcs in doing so. Il'Atria and Jeriah had met with Tarik, the Bloodrain goblin, and found a peaceable end.

Heroes on TrialCollapse )

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Friday, January 3rd, 2003
8:42 pm - Creation

(OOC: um... working on getting a character pic....)

IN the beginning there was the void
And the blackness stretched out endlessly
And the cold bit into the darkness
Then into the darkness spiraled Light and Warmth
And he was named Corellon Larethian
And with him he brought the Seldarine:
Aerdrie Faenya, Bringer of Rain and Storms
Deep Sashelas, Benefactor of the Sea
Fenmarel Mestarine, Defender of the Lonely
Hanali Celanil, Protector of the Arts
Labelas Enoreth, Keeper of Time
Sehanine Moonbow, Preserver of the Moon and Stars
Solonor Thelandira, Overseer of the Balance and
Tarsellis Meunniduin, Wielder of “Frost Fang”
And it was good.

But then more beings came,
The worst of whom was Gruumsh
And with his darkness he attacked the Light
But the Light fought back… and won
And from his blood we sprang
The Llewerdona, proudest and loveliest of the races
And the Light loved us and blessed us
And it was good.

And through the eons we lived and worked
And spread out over the continent
And we brought with us all the knowledge and goodness we possessed
But then the Light called us home
To the Gate of the Crescent Moon
And in groups we traveled back
To the home of our ancestors
And it was good.

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3:55 pm - Glory

sworn by the crown
I lead a crusade
fight for belief to be one

out in the field
fearless and cold
building the road to my Calvary

strong is my steel
dark is my mind
carmine the ground that I tread

faith in my God
keeps me alive
but when does my faith turn to doubt

silently watching the rain
carving the earth on my grave
lord you know that I prayed
one for the glory
and one for the souls that I've slain

how will I know
how could I tell
where would I find some serenity

sowing the seed
unwounded I bleed
lord won't you show me the way

God is the cross that I bear
God is the will of my war
faint are the voices I hear
whispers of glory...

God is the cry of despair
cursing the day I was born
this is the faith that we share
left with the glory
and suffering of souls that we've torn

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12:52 am - Lomelinde Liadon

I was born 116 years ago to Anwa and Silimo Liadon, in the land of Al Angoro. Living a peaceful life with my friends and family, I grew fond of the world around me. I enjoyed learning all about far off places and the history of the world. When I was merely 20 an army of orcs invaded Al Angoro. While we won the battle, my father died in the fight protecting us, and my mother was tortured and raped, and died shortly after the brutal event. I hid in a secret closet that I had played in as a child. When the sankossi were finally driven back I crept out and found the broken bodies of my parents. I decided to leave the pain behind in Al Angoro, striking out on my own. A couple of miles out in the woods, I stumbled upon a band of five Elves. One young elf in particular stood out to me- he was a bit taller than the rest, with long dark hair and the fairest skin I had ever seen. They were playing the most wonderful sounding music and singing songs of times long ago. I slowly inched closer and closer, trying not to be seen and noticed that the bottom of one of their tents had come unpegged, so I crawled into the tent. There were two beds and some packs with a stack of strange drums in the corner, the like of which I had never seen. I picked one up, but it was not completely unattached, and the entire assembly came crashing down. Startled, the elves immediately investigated the clamour and must have been amused to find me half buried under a pile of drums. The tall elf I had noticed before looked down at me and said "Well, well, what have we here?". I quickly stood and told them that I had meant no harm, but had only wanted to look at the beautiful drums. They took me over to the fire and we talked a while- they were curious about so young an elf out on her own. They were wandering bards and the tall one, Voronwe invited me to stay with them, and learn the bardic ways. Having no home or family to return to and no future in mind, I gladly joined them. For many, many years I traveled with them and Voronwe became my mentor and I his apprentice. A year ago, a new restlessness arose within me and I sought to find adventure on my own. I learned of a merchant ship called the Silver Dove travelling ro and from Al'Angoro for a month long voyage twice a year. I told Voronwe for my desires and he said that as he and the group would miss me greatly, he understood and would support me in any path I chose. At my going away party all those dear to me showed up to give their blessings and fairwells. We danced, sang, played games, and partook of many varieties of food and drink. As the party slowed down and the dawn approached, Voronewe came over to me. "I have had this trinket all of my life and now I wish to give it to you..." He handed me a beautiful silver medalion of Corellon. "It has been passed down from bard to bard in the circle of Kalwa Hewesta. It will bring you good luck and good fourtune in your travels. Corellon will always be with you...and so will Kalwa Hewesta. If you are ever in need...or just wish to see old friends...you wil always have a place in Kalwa Hewesta." He places a kiss on my forehead and went to his tent to catch the few hours of sleep before they set off once more. I myself slept till daybreak the set off to meet with Laranis Caliir, the captain of the Silver Dove. In exchange for passage I offered to entertain the crew with my artistic tallents. He agreed and we set off the next morning, a beginning to a new adventure to share with all my loved ones back home and new bards along the way...

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Thursday, December 19th, 2002
11:18 am - Valenn Journal Update - Trouble in Barradesh

When last we left, the party had just discovered that someone had been in their rooms at the inn, and left them three presents, weapons that matched those used by the Bloodrain Goblins they killed 4 months previous.

Truth, Lies and DeceitCollapse )

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Thursday, December 5th, 2002
11:16 am - Valenn Journal Update - Civilization at last

Morgan, Jeriah, Tha'Veltha, and Il'Atria left Tiras Valan behind them and set out for the nearest port city, Barradesh. After a week of traveling through the tropical forests south of the Sassunak swamp, they arrived in the city, seeking transportation to the elven home Island, Al'Angoro.

This is a fantasy game, though, so of course their stay would not be quiet...

Mysterious BarradeshCollapse )

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Sunday, December 1st, 2002
2:15 pm - Valenn Journal Update - To Slay a Dragon

With Xixzinchi and his two warriors, our heroes, Jeriah, Il’Atria, Tha’Veltha and Morgan, set out to return to the ancient Elven city of Tiras Valan, seeking the foul inhabitant, Dinzeranthanil, the Black Death, Ebonscale.
To Slay a DragonCollapse )

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Friday, November 29th, 2002
1:02 pm - Valenn Journal Update - The Spear of Gruumsh (and other everyday items)

With the Spear of Gruumsh (or at least, 2 of three pieces), the band decided that the most prudent thing would be to get the Spear to someone who might know what to do with it. Things would not go exactly as planned, though...

They’ve got it, now what do they do with it?Collapse )

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Friday, November 22nd, 2002
2:53 pm - Valenn Journal Update - The Search for the Spear of Gruumsh (continued)

Continued from last entry because of community post length limits

The Search for the Spear of Gruumsh (continued)Collapse )

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2:39 pm - Valenn Journal Update - The Search for the Spear of Gruumsh

Hello again everyone. I apologize ahead of time, for this is a tremendously long entry, but it brings us up much much closer to the current time-frame of the campaign. Expect one more Catch-Up entry after this before regular weekly entries will begin keeping pace with the game.

Read on, I hope you all enjoy:
The Search for The Spear of GruumshCollapse )

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Friday, November 8th, 2002
12:00 pm - Valenn Journal Update - Catching Up, Synopsis

OK, I've been attempting to be good about recording what happened from the beginning of the campaign, but it continues to recede into the past, and I am proving just how bad my memory is. (Which is half the reason for this community)

That said, I am going to cover the highlights and skip some details and zoom closer to the current time-frame in the campaign.

Orcs and Goblins, oh myCollapse )

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Friday, October 18th, 2002
3:18 pm - Valenn Journal Update - Catching Up, Part 3

When last we left, our heroes had trashed a goblin encampment where the little buggers were hauling dirt for someone named Vargoz. For what purpose was this hauling taking place?

Our Heroes were about to find outCollapse )

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Thursday, October 17th, 2002
2:47 pm - Valenn Journal Update - Catching Up, Part 2

When last we left, our heroes had planned to set out in search of the goblins that were moving into the area, at the behest of the Druid, Grayson Oakenshire.

Since these entries are so long, I am going to LJ-Cut them

Much Goblin Thrashing WithinCollapse )

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Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002
1:12 pm - Let's get this thing started

Well, I've been putting it off, and I'm going to end up forgetting some of this if I don't start transcribing it. I am going to try to chronicle the campaign in as objective a manner a possible, and let the players fill in entries or reply to story parts with their character's thoughts and reactions.

So, without further ado, the beginning of the Valenn campaign:

Our Cast:

Morgan Grey : Human warrior of the Shadarian Knights in Helene. Played by: mistervimes
Il'Atria Alama : Elven druidess from a small fishing village on the Elven home island, Al'Angoro. Played by: unbound_wolf
Tha'Veltha : Elven priestess of Corellon Larethian, from the Elven home island, Al'Angoro. Played by: aurora1039
Jeriah Swifthoof : Centaur of the Swifthoof tribe, from Koeh’Ianhu, smaller sister island to Al'Angoro Played by: Shane
Kasagi No Yuritomo : Mysterious samurai warrior from Oh-San on the continent of Mandor. Played by: kasagi

The BeginningCollapse )

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Saturday, September 21st, 2002
7:12 pm - Human Religion on Valenn

It should be noted that the churches in power throughout Fellarn and Seltas do not represent the only view of that particular deity. The view of each deity differs as you move across the land. Different regions had vastly different outlooks on the same deity. Sometimes this is just an emphasis on different aspects of that deities attributes. Other times it is a completely opposite moral view of the impact of those strictures. One viewpoint is just as valid as another, and it is completely feasible for two clerics to meet, worshipping the same deity, but being of completely opposite alignments. Their individual churches' stictures and codes defining how their faith is focused.

It should also be noted that the 8 churches in power do not represent the whole of the human deities. They are simply the Churches that were in the right position at the right time to take advantage of the political turmoil brought about by the Berlusconi coup.

For example, the worship of Embral (a God of fury, wrath, rage, fire, destruction, survivors, rebirth, basically everything associated with fire) in one portion of the world focuses on his Renewal aspects, rising from difficulty, rebirthing, etc. A few hundred miles away, the poeple there see Embral as a capricious and malicious entiity, whose flames hurt and destroy the countryside. In the first area, it is generally good-aligned people who venerate the deity, while in the second area, evil cultists are obviously the most likely to venerate Embral.

Why do the Gods tolerate this? Faith. I think everyone here is familiar with the idea that a god is only as powerful as the faith his worshippers have in him. So, on one hand, none of the human gods is going to argue if more people are pouring on the faith. On the other hand, these gods are also relatively young as compared to some other published cmapaigns. Most of these human deities have only sprung into being over the last 2000 years or so, as as such, they have little personal identity yet. Given another few thousand years of strife and conflict, certain branches or certain churches would win out and spread more widely, replacing other versions of that church with opposing veiws. Over time, 99% of the populations would all view each deity in the same way.

Another way to look at it is that humans, as a race, have no pre-defined alignment. Unlike elves, which tend to be chaotic good, or dwarves which tend toward Lawful, humans have no such tendencies. Chances are, any mountain dwarf you meet anywhere is probably going to have a similar outlook and veiw on the world. humans, on the other hand, vary greatly over a span of but a hundred miles.

The religious states have formed over the last 200 years out of necessity or opportunity, in response to the birth of other religious states, stemming back to Cebrin's Coup in the eastern portion of the continent of Fellarn. Every Church, no matter whether Good or Evil, saw the opportunity to gain power and followers through these actions. Each religious states represent the church of that region that responded most quickly or with the most aptitude to the situation. There are non-evil Chruches of Cebrin within Impaln's nation, and non-good versions of the Church of Impaln elsewhere in the world.

As a side-effect of the larger Religious States, each religious has grown slightly more homogenous. As the Religious states expanded, they forced outlying churches of their deity to conform to the strictures they upheld. Thus these states have gone a long way toward shaping the world's veiw of particular religions, making folks predisposed to believe in Cebrin as an evil Deity, and Impaln as a Good one.

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7:06 pm - The Religious States in brief

Religious Powers:

Cebrin, Lawful Evil: the Church of Cebrin that began this whole mess 200 years ago is a Lawful Evil sect, headed at the time by Athoni Berlusconi. In Grandal, Cebrin was veiwed as a deity of corruption through riches. Those venerating him cared only for profits, and cared none at all for those that were stepped on in the process. Ruthless business tactics, exhorbitant interest rates on loans, and ruthless dealings with those that renegged on their loans made Cebrin a deity to be feared in those regions. None of the Church's dealings were strictly illegal, though, so they were never opposed by anyone with authority. In fact, gifts and loans to those in political power helped make them immune to any sort of public backlash to their dealings. When the throne became increasingly in debt to the Church, it saw its opportunity for increased power, and seized what it felt it was owed, and then some.

Life in this empire is a struggle. The most ruthless survive, and the meek are there only to generate more profit for the church. Taxes are exhorbitant, and failure to pay them gets you slavery or indentured servitude. The laws are strict, especially where taxes, commerce, and trade are involved. The Berlusconi family still hold the power in the church, and having direct bloodline ties to the family is all one needs to be immune to most of the laws of the nation, and to guarantee a position of power. Today, Athoni's direct descendent, Isabella Berlusconi runs the church and the empire with a cold iron fist.

The armies of this Empire are formed mostly of Mercenaries. However, they are paid well enough to insure their loyalty. As such, they are better trained than the armies of most other nations. Fear, however, is a motivating factor that the church uses to full effect to keep their armies in line.

Impaln, Lawful Good: The nation currently being guided by Impaln is still nominally headed by the Kings and Regents of the previous smaller nations under its influence. Unlike Cebrin's empire, this religious state sees itself simply as a protector of the weak and those in need. In its haughtiness, it believes it can best protect the people from the encroachment of the Tyrrany of the Church of Cebrin's evil religious state. Crime here is punished swiftly, and everyone is expected to pay at least lip service to Impaln every day at noon. The Laws are fair, though, and allowed to be handled on the local level where possible. The Church has pairs of Judges that travel the nation, dispensing judgement where the crimes are of a proportion too large for the local constabulary to deal with.

The armies of this nation are well-organized, and righteous. They do not go out seeking war, but use their force to protect the poeple in their lands. They are the biggest impediment to the advance of the Empire of Cebrin throughout the rest of the continent. The Razorback Mountains keep that evil empire from moving south, and the Barbarians of the north hold no interest to Cebrin, so the Nation of Impaln remains devout and steadfast.

The Nation of Impaln is led by Arthen Gregorson, a powerful man in his early 50's.

Lothan, Lawful Neutral: The Lawful Neutral church of Lothan located on the Southeastern portion of Fallarn rose to power shortly after the Nation of Impaln became a serious threat to the Empire of Cebrin. That evil nation turned its forces south around the mountains, intending to move around and swarm the rest of th cotninent that way. Howevr, great Gales and Hurricanes battered the armies as they passed the eastern portion of the mountains near the coastline. Using this as a abrgaining chip, the united chruches of Lothan throughou the southern reaches of Fellarn banded together into a unifies whole. A strict set of bylaws were enacted to keep the disparate churches organized, and over the last 150 years, these ahve become the doctrine of the church. Rigid, and unbreaking, many liken this church to the indomitable will of a hurricane, or the relentlessness of the onset of Winter.

Law in this nation is strict. Crime is punished swiftly and with little mercy, but acusors had best has solid cases, or face charges of lible themselves. The most Holy days in the Lothan's Union are the solstices and equinoxes. Everyone is expected to worship on that day, regardless of their other beliefs. Other religion is tolerated, so long as it does not directly opposed the porfolio of Lothan, or break any of the strict laws set in place by the Church. Previous rulers of the nations and states now under their control either were asked to convert, or step down. Now a high-ranking official of the Church oversees the government and affairs of any settlement of decent size within the Union.

Drogun Stormchild, a Dwarf, heads this nation. That is odd to say the least, and none are completely certain why, but his power in unquestionable.

Gradis, Lawful Neutral: The religious state of Gradis in the northeastern portion of Fellarn is one of great magical power. It releis less on conscripted armies and mor on powerful summoning magics to portect its boundaries. The cities and kigndoms of the area were known for their amgic for a long time prior to the rise of the religious states. As such, it was little surprise to anyone when the Church of Gradis rose to govern the area. Everyone in the area is required to attend state-funded schools to understand amgic, even if not to weild it. In no other portion of the world is magic so accepted and commonplace. Still, only a very small portion of population practice Arcane magic on any measurable scale, but it is not unheard of for most farmers to use a Cantrip to make their duties easier to bear.

Still, there are great families living within these borders whose bloodlines trace back a thousand years with Sorcerous power. The greatest academies of magic are found here. Because of that, the Empire of Cebrin looks covetously at these lands, but so far has not felt it worth the risk to devote a large portion of their armies to taking over so small an area of the continent.

The Gradis Mageocracy is led by a council of Wizards and Sorcerers.

Sewaden, Neutral Evil: The religion of Sewaden on the western Seaboard of Fellarn saw it opportunity amidst the rise of the Nation of Impaln. Threatening to wipe the countryside of all life with great floods and tidal waves, the Impalnish saw no option but to pull back from the areas this Church threatened. The Church of Sewaden then used the same tactic of threats and displays of power to establish themselves as the power over much of the land west and south of the Dwarfhome Mountains. Rather than replace the rulers of the cities and nations under its control, the Church uses threats and bullying tactics to force exhorbitant taxes for their "protection". Periodically, small vilalges not able or unwilling to pay their tributes are washed forever from the maps of Fellarn. This keep the others under the Church paying their tributes and devoting their lowyalty. The Armies of Sewaden fight because they know that if they don't their loved ones will be killed by the malicious cruelty of the Church.

William Archer leads the Church, claiming by divine right.

Gratar, Lawful Evil: Governing by strength of arms, the Armies of the Church of Gratar in the Northwest portion of Fellarn took over their domain one city at a time, moving like a well-oiled machine throughout the area. Like the Empire of Cebrin, and unlike most of the other Religious states, the Gratar Empire pushes its boundaries out constantly. Many of the Devarnoc Barbarian Tribes have been subjugated of destroyed by the Armies of this state over the last 100 years. Not hindered by the threats of the Sewaden state to their south, the armies of Gratar have steadily pushed back its borders as well. Currently the fastest growing of any of the Religious states, this one threatens to push across the entire continent if given enough time. Thus far, though, they have not felt it worth their efforts to attack the dwarves living in the mountains on their eastern border.

Lord General Avery Breckenshire heads this tyrranical nation, his faith in the arts of war and personal combat enough to keep his power for the time being.

Quiess, Neutral Good: The religion of Quiess held sway over most of the region now controlled by the Church even prior to the rise of the Religious states. The nations of the area were proud to allow the Church to hold sway over them in response to the threats on the northern continent of Fellarn. The greatest Healers in the world are from this region, and no one in need of healing or a cure to a foreign disease is turned away. While the Church has power over the area, individual ruling families still govern their own people. Of all the religious states, life here is most like it was prior to the upheavals of 200 years past. A good aligned churches of Cebrin have always operated here, and so the financial power of the entire area is tremendous. The Empire of Cebrin have sent Fleets of Ships to attack these shores, but have thus far been unsuccessful in holding any significant portion of these lands for long, as the combined Navies of the lands under Quiessan control are formidable in their own right.

Tolerance is the name of the game in these lands. No one is forced to worship Quiess, but most at least fofer a daily prayer, because of the prosperity under th Church's leadership.

Dawn Grandsil is the current Matriarch of this Church, which is traditionally head by a woman.

Finan, Lawful Neutral: A great plague ravaged these lands shortly after the Empire of Cebrin first seized control of Grandal over 200 years ago. Even the nearby Churches of Quiess could do nothing about it, and soon most of the area was unliveable to humans, though most wildlife seemed unaffected, and certainly no plants suffered. Some Churches of Finan sent emissaries to the area to deal with the tremendous death tolls, but even their priests were not immune to the death plague. To this day, no one has ever found a cause of cure. However, about 50 years ago, it was discovered that the plague had left the lands, or at least gone dormant. Finan churches from the nearby Quiess controlled lands established the first new cities in the area. The vast tracts of now-untamed lands called to those in other areas of the world wanting to escape the constant tensions of the interplay of the Religious States. In less that ten years, the population of the area was growing steadily. Those Priests of Finan in the area saw the opportunity to become the local government, and knew that the power would benefit their religion. Quickly, priests were dispatched across the areas affected by the plague, and they proclaimed themselves leaders of those who moved into their regions.

While a strict society, the Plaguelands of Finan is much more tolerable than those of similarly aligned states to the north. The Church's edicts require the people to simply perform proper funerary rites, and to allow the dying to die. The most heinous crime in these lands is to prolong the life of a dying man or woman. On this, there is some tension with the Church of Quiess to the east, but there have been no hostilities as of yet.

This is by far the newest of the Religious States, and it has yet to be seen what part they will play in the grand scheme of things. As of now, the head of the ruling body of the Church in the Plaguelands is Richard Hatcher, a startlingly cold man of indeterminant age. He has ruled the Plaguelands for its entire 50-year history, and his death does not seem to be approching overly rapidly.

Non-Religious powers:

Dwarfhome Mountains: Not a religious state, but home to a vast pupolation of Dwarves living deep within and upon the mountains. Being isolationist as they are, the Dwarves have not pressed to attack any of the neighboring Religious States, though they will defend themselves if attacked. Thus far they have no been attacked by any of the states, though much of their time is occupied by the Orcs that live in the frozen wastes north of the mountains, and the goblins that live in the mountains with them.

There are at least 4 major Dwarven Kingdoms in the Dwarfhome mountains, though no one outside of the Dwarves can know if there are more, though there most likely are. The 4 known clans are Wyrmheart, Flamebeard, Axehandle, and Steeltoe.

Mistwall Mountains: So named for the constant fog that hangs over the entire range, the northern portion is home to an elven kingdom called Il'Itas. The elves that have been contacted in recent history claim that the magical nature of the mountains protected them from the wrath of the Death Plauge that decimated the lands west of them. Those not so trusting of the aloof elves of the Misty Mountains whisper that it was the elves that released the Plague, to eliminate encroaching humans from the west. Emissaries of the elves flatly deny such claims, but refuse to comment further.

Razorback Mountains: They say there are things in these moutains that man was not meant to see. If those whispered rumors are true, then its good that whatever lives there doesn't come down. Little is known about the mountains, as all attemptes at establishing communities in the peaks ahve met with disaster thus far.

Devarnoc Barbarian Tribes: Migrating tribes of Barbarians roam the vast tundra of the Northern reaches of Fellarn. Most tribes venerate Devarnoc in the form of an animal. Tribes are named after the totem that they attribute to Devarnoc. The tribes do not stay in one place long enough to be considered a threat by the neighboring civilized states.

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